Project bag - old school knitting tattoo - Heart with "wool" banner

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Deluxe bag for your tiny knitting project or your knitting paraphernalia - or for something else of similar importance

It might surprise some people, but there are quite a few knitters out there, walking around with a old school tattoo with a knitting theme. In the knitters version the banner across the heart would not read MOM. Instead it would speak about something very near and dear to our hearts - WOOL. How fortunate that we are now able to show our love of wool without having to get a tattoo. 

The project bag is made from 100% cotton canvas. The zipper is metal. The old school knitting tattoo motif is on one side of the bag only.

Colour Black
Size Small
Length Height: 13 cm Length: 12 cm Width, bottom: 6 cm
Heigth 12 cm
Depth, bottom 6 cm