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Knitting kit for a Christmas hat for kids with "nisser" dancing around it

Having grown up listening to stories about the scandinavian folklore creature the "nisse" (or tomte), especially around Christmas time, knitwear designer Signe Strømgaard felt inspired to design this sweet hat for kids.

The nisser are small, bearded fellows that live on the farms and in the woods. They help take care of and protect the animals, but they are also famously temperamental and potentially mean little pranksters. To maintain a good relationship with the nisse, you need to set out porridge for him on Christmas night - and don't forget the dollop of butter on top of there will be trouble in the new year. 

The nisser are knit without their white beards, which are embroidered on afterward. The pattern contains instructions for the original long beard, as well as several shorter alternative beard styles. This leaves you the option of either giving all of the little guys the same type of beard or varying them - perhaps there are younger and older nisser dancing around together...


Small kid (medium kid) big kid


Head circumference: 40-45 (45-50) 50-55 cm


28 sts and 36 rows in stockinette stitch on a 3 mm circular needle = 10 x 10 cm

The kit contains 

  • Yarn (80% merino, 20% nylon) in all the colours needed for the design
  • Pattern with charts and a visual embroidery guide

You will also need (not included)

  • 2,5 mm circular needle, 40 cm long
  • 3 mm circular needle, 40 cm long
  • Optionally: 3 mm double-pointed needles for the crown of the hat
  • A wool needle for weaving in the ends and for the embroidered details